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We've done the hard work and the homework to attract the most interesting, compelling and profitable telecom and technology business development opportunities to the Marketplace. We have senior relationships with each profiled Current Opportunity profile and will introduce you and accelerate the deal process. Dozens of real opportunities for Telecom and Technology executives to easily find engagements to increase revenues, reduce expenses, expand product offerings and improve profits.


TelcoSource e-Procurement Platform Now Available (e-RFPs, RFQ, Reverse Auction)


Click Auction and go straight to our new e-procurement platform, TelcoSource. This incredibly powerful platform is available for your use free of charge. Design, launch and manage your own electronic Request for Proposals or try running a Reverse Auction. Telecom & Technology procurement will never be the same with TelcoSource. Get ready to save time and money. TelcoSource is the only e-procurement platform designed specifically for the telecom and technology services and equipment industry. Carriers and Equipment providers, register to represent your firms on the platform and start receiving real leads today.  Register now to qualify to win an iPad2.

Executive Penetration Capabilities


Take advantage of our most popular Executive Level Penetration program. We partner with you to refine your value proposition and identify your most important client opportunities. Then we do the hard work and get you in the door, in front of the real decision makers, so you can make your pitch. Cost efficient and extremely affective, this service is a key component of any Sales & Marketing Plan. Contact us for Proposal.  Click Here to read an article about how important it is to penetrate telecom and IT accounts at both the buyer and C-Level.


Each Marketplace Opportunity is designed to highlight a compelling and often times unique strategic opportunity which may allow you to accelerate your telecom and technology corporate goals. These potential business partners have created solutions which can enable you to:

  • Grow Revenues
  • Reduce Expenses
  • Save on Capital Expenditures
  • Reduce your time to market
  • Save R&D money and cycles
  • Expand your product portfolio
  • Enhance your customer relationships


Review deal opportunities listed on the right and contact us to get engaged at Sales@TelecomMarketplace.Net or 646 843 0462  You could also complete a Request for Proposal form and take advantage of the strategic programs we have developed with these innovative partners.


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